A View Inside MAGA Land

group of men in black uniform standing on green grass field during daytime

I know someone who is surrounded with MAGA types.

She’s not political, so it’s interesting to hear what she’s hearing from her coworkers and friends.

Back during the Black Lives Matters protests, the fear among her MAGA associates was looters and rioters in suburbia.

Then the MAGA fear moved to cat litter boxes in the local high schools. People heard from a friend of a friend of a friend who heard it on some cursed right wing podcast, maybe Joe Rogan.

Now, MAGA folks are scared of transpeople and think it’s due to a lack of prayer in schools. They chatter that DeSantis might be a good president because Biden is too old. Also, too many people smoke pot, so it’s good our state hasn’t legalized it yet.

My friend complains she’s overworked and doesn’t make enough to ever get ahead, despite working in a professional job. All of her MAGA associates feel the same.

The MAGA folks never have a solution for that because they are always fearful.

I always try to get her to come to the conclusion on her own that the GOP / MAGA way isn’t working for her or her friends without being preachy. Mostly, I just listen.