Some TransJoy For You

woman in white tank top with multi colored paint on face

Never forget to rejoice when you experience TransJoy!

It’s the little moments of euphoria through out the day that are so enjoyable.  Savior them.  Remember how you feel when you are experiencing TransJoy.

Live in the moment and just be.

Experience the stillness.

Experience the feeling when you take your hormones.

Look at old pictures and notice how your smile has become happier.  How your face has changed subtly over the time you’ve been on estradiol or testosterone.

I love looking at trans timelines.  So many of them are like mine.  I never wanted to smile before I started transitioning,   Now, every picture shows me beaming.  It is an amazing transformation.  I’m so thankful that I’ve been able to undergo it after so many years of thinking about it.

Remember that you are loved more than you know.

I love all my trans brothers and sisters.  Our journeys might not be exactly the same. But, we all have similar experiences.  

Love to all!