A View Inside MAGA Land

I know someone who is surrounded with MAGA types. She’s not political, so it’s interesting to hear what she’s hearing from her coworkers and friends. Back during the Black Lives Matters protests, the fear among her MAGA associates was looters and rioters in suburbia. Then the MAGA fear moved to cat litter boxes in the … [Read more…]

Leo and the Deer Window

Leo was a curious little kitten with soft, fluffy fur and big, round eyes. He lived with his loving owner in a cozy home in Springfield, a beautiful town surrounded by forests and fields. Every day, Leo would spend hours at the living room window, watching the deer as they grazed in the fields and … [Read more…]

Lake Michigan’s Mermaid

In the depths of Lake Michigan, where the water was crystal clear and the sunlight filtered through the waves, there lived a beautiful mermaid. She was unlike any other mermaid in the lake, with long, shimmering scales that sparkled in the sunlight and a voice that could sing the most enchanting melodies. The mermaid had … [Read more…]

Anti-Woke definition

Definition of Anti-Woke “Anti-woke” refers to a belief or sentiment that is opposed to the idea of being “woke,” which is a term used to describe being aware of and actively working to address social and political issues related to race and social justice. People who are “anti-woke” may believe that these issues are not … [Read more…]

Are anti-LGBT bills a sign of fascism?

Are anti-LGBT bills a sign of fascism? Anti-LGBT bills are not necessarily a sign of fascism, as fascism is a complex political ideology with a range of characteristics beyond opposition to LGBT rights. However, it is important to note that many fascist regimes have historically targeted and persecuted LGBT individuals, as well as other marginalized … [Read more…]

Overview of LGBT law in Indiana in 2023

Indiana’s GOP legislators are working to roll back LGBT protections On the one hand, in 2020, the Indiana Supreme Court ruled that the state’s civil rights law protects LGBT individuals from employment discrimination. This was a significant victory for the LGBT community in Indiana. However, Indiana has a history of passing anti-LGBT legislation. In 2015, … [Read more…]

GOP Pushes Anti-LGBT Laws in 2023

Contact your legislators to tell them to stop anti-LGBT legislation in 2023 As of 2023, the United States is experiencing a wave of anti-LGBT legislation in statehouses across the country. These bills are designed to limit the rights and freedoms of the LGBTQ+ community, and they represent a major setback for the progress that has … [Read more…]

We’re glad you’re here!

Welcome to Pink Star News. I’m glad you’re here reading the first post on our site. We are planning to make this a fun place that you’ll enjoy visiting. This is still a work in progress, so keep checking back for more fun and exciting content. This is just the beginning and I’m glad you’re … [Read more…]